Federal R&D Submission and Selection Enhancement

BWM will identify / provide specific access and gateways to Research, Design, Test and Evaluate institutions and Applied Science Directorates within the Department of Defense and United States National Science Structure. In this capacity we will identify and create closure with measured opportunities to feature, bench test, socialize, orient, demonstrate or otherwise increase awareness of any desired technology pieces, intellectual property, scientific or intricate design concepts, logic engines or precision hardware accelerants that are currently produced or in design by the customer or its subsidiaries. Specific focus will be applied to the known, open source commodities that are process or event tested within the current professional athlete, military, and Para-military environments.

In regard to proprietary emerging technologies BWM will work consistently and at pace with customers engineers and product designers to accelerate pending technologies to production standard and serve as principal product advocates from release to entry point of the desired Federal domain. This will include gaining specific access to Federal Program Managers, industry entry points, and demonstration venues.