SOF Human Performance

BWM provides robust and unusually qualified subject matter expertise in establishment or refinement of Federal Sector Human Performance Programs and development of any Human Capital Preservation Strategy. Rationale for Federal policy and program development is synopsized below:

-Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) requires special operators and expeditionary forces to be able to withstand extraordinary physical demands and psychological stress to complete their mission.  Enhancing operator physical and mental performance directly contributes to mission accomplishment and helps reduce the incidence of casualties.  Deployments are high-risk endeavors making occupational capability and safety crucial to maximize the return on investment in our operators and maintaining the force.  Efforts to speed recovery and reconditioning from injury must include maintaining the overall physical condition as injuries heal, and rapidly returning the operator to peak physical and mental performance. Ref JP 3.05-1

-The special operator needs to properly physically condition to maintain and lengthen the service life of the “human weapons system.”  SOF must capitalize on advances in exercise science and technology to better prepare the operator.  Just as professional athletes are supported by an integrated Professional Sports Model, (PSM) that utilizes performance programs tailored towards accomplishing the “mission” at peak levels, special operators represent a significant investment and must perform as tactical athletes.  When an operator is injured, individualized and specialized care is required to heal him and restore his SOF specific strength and conditioning, prior to returning to the element as fully mission capable.

Business Capabilities Include:

  • Program Design
  • Strategic Programming
  • Financial Estimation and Actuarial planning
  • Commodity Estimates
  • MILCON or Facility design, CAD planning and Preview Charrettes
  • Maturation plans to achieve Programmatic Status
  • Human Capital and Resource estimates